I am… Bobby. Apparently, I’m pretty immature for a 35-year-old. I’m married to my best friend, Fiona and we have a beautiful, cheeky and hilariously funny little boy named Stanley. We live in a converted factory apartment in Norwich, UK. Together, we are the Nor–Folk.

I work as… As my Dad says, I colour stuff in for a living. I’m a graphic designer, specialising in creating brand identities for all types of organisations. I founded my company, The Click, 11 years ago. We work with a diverse range of clients (small and big) mostly in the UK. A typical working day starts at 9.30am and finishes at 4.45pm. That said, I can be flexible with my hours if I choose. With EURO 16 in full swing, I’m having to be pretty flexible when it comes to being in the studio.

I’m the kind of dad that… I’d say I’m a solid 8/10. Could probably do better. I think some Dads struggle to be honest about how they feel and how they are actually coping with being a new parent. I’ve always attempted to be brutally honest with others about my experiences of being a Dad (from some people’s reaction maybe too honest). But I genuinely found being a new parent the single hardest challenge of my entire life. For the first year I really struggled to adapt and compromise. My life was turned upside down and the conflicting emotions of resentment and utter unconditional love collided with a bang. Now Stanley is a bit older, he’s certainly more fun and, in turn, so am I. As Fiona says, I’m just not a ‘baby kinda guy’.

Do you worry about work-life balance? Very much so. I want Stanley and I to be close. Personally, I’d struggle if we only had time at weekends. Even before Stanley was born I always tried to maintain a good work-life balance. I actually took Fridays off work for over two years. I’m lucky enough to get a couple of hours with him before work, and another couple after work. Weekends are family time too and we always try to get out and about – the park, the beach, the zoo, or just visiting friends and family.

As a family we… Stanley is three-years-old now, so we’re enjoying travelling more, whether that be the train to London for a day, or a flight to Europe for a long weekend. To be honest, my favourite thing to do with Stanley is make him laugh and hear his filthy little giggle (which he gets from his Mum) so it can be as simple as having a good old play fight and tickling contest.

To connect with my son… We do boy stuff. Remote control cars and boats, chasing, play fights, tickling, train track making, train books, train TV, train rides, train spotting (seriously). Plus Stanley and I are quite fond of a bit of gardening.

The biggest surprise of fatherhood… Being a Dad has taught me to be more relaxed, focusing on today rather than what I’m working towards in six months time, or even five years. Living for the moment and enjoying today might sound like a cliché, but it is a big part of our family lifestyle and ethos. As a family, we are more spontaneous than we’ve ever been.

Fatherhood has taught me… That there are NO rules. That you will never be anywhere on time. That sleep is more valuable than money. That lying to your child is OK, and in fact a key tool for survival. To compromise. To love.

What do you love most about being a Dad? Hearing these four words, “I love you Daddy”.

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