Being a girl means… That I get to help out my mum out with the house-work, not like my brother or my dad, who don’t seem to fancy doing housework. Also it means you have long hair that you can put into different styles.

The positives are… That I’m able to feel really proud of being a girl because of women like the suffragettes. They stood up for themselves and for all women. They are inspiring because they didn’t just sit around doing nothing, they got up and did something. This makes me feel good about being a girl.

The boundaries are… Umm, none really. I can do most things. I have often wondered about being a boy but I’ve come to the conclusion that I like being a girl.

My ambitions are… To help animals because I don’t think they get enough respect. People do things like hunt them which I think is wrong. Also this means that certain animals are becoming extinct and that makes me sad because I like animals. Also I’d like to be a ballerina and an archaeologist. I am from Italy and when I was at school there we had big garden that we did digging in, which I really enjoyed.

My hopes for the future are…  That scientists, and the people in charge, make new discoveries so that the world isn’t such a hard place. For instance there are lots of problems in the world, like some people are really greedy and other people are really poor, and I think it should be more balanced. I would also like to see new innovations made, like a floating armchair that you can sit in and zoom around in. My brother wants to invent droids. I think that’s a pretty good idea because it means if there is a war people won’t have to fight, the robots can fight instead, although I’d rather nobody fought at all.

My fears… That no more Harry Potter books will come out! I really like them because I like magic and adventure and I have read all of them. I’ve written JK Rowling a letter to ask her to write more books but I haven’t sent it to her yet.

I look up to… Queen Victoria. She was a nice person and she stopped slavery. I also look up to my mum because, well, she’s my mum and you can’t help looking up to your mum. She is really nice and loving and caring. I look up to JK Rowling too because she wrote the Harry Potter books.

Girls are… Peaceful, pretty and loving.

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