Tyler, 16

Being a girl means… Being a girl today is challenging because I think that you get judged more. We have this thing about fitting in as girls where some girls try to put down others down, so they feel cool and everyone accepts them. I think it’s wrong.

The positives are… That we have girls around us that are fiercely loyal and who stick together. We have girls today who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. We have more girls sticking up for themselves and breaking the traditional views of women.

The boundaries are… I think the boundaries to being a girl are things like stereotypes that have been put in place, not just by guys, but by ourselves. Like I know some people say, ‘You’re such a girl’ but what does that even mean? Also, some girls don’t think they are as strong as boys. And some girls don’t try things like sports out because they think its what boys are suppose to do. How many female football players can a girl name confidently?

My ambitions are… To go to university, to travel the world, to explore, to learn about different cultures and lifestyles, and to start a family of my own. I would also like to be a journalist so I can find out about the world first-hand and bring to light situations that need to be addressed, or that people need to be aware of.

My hopes for the future… To get a job, not because I have to, but because I know I’m going to enjoy it. Also I want to lead a happy, healthy life.

My fears… Not having enough confidence to do what I want to do or believe in. My fear is that people will judge me for thinking differently from them, because they don’t dare to think differently themselves.

I look up to… My sisters, they were the first in my family to go to university. I look up to Jennifer Lawrence because she wasn’t afraid to bring to light the pay inequalities between men and women in the movie industry. But most of all, I look up to my mum who has taught me so many important values in my life. She is helpful, kind, always smiling and full of life – when I grow up I hope I will posses these qualities like her!

Girls are… Fierce, intelligent and stubborn.

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