Rarely (if ever) do you come across a children’s story book that features painters, scientists, dancers, chefs, astronauts, jazz singers, boxers, writers and political leaders, let alone in a story book aimed at young girls. Well that is exactly what is featured in the soon-to-be released Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls.

Created by LA-based Timbuktu Labs the book aims to change the narrative of girls’ story books from early on and features stories about 100 inspirational real life women of the past and the present, including tennis player Serena Williams, writers the Bronte Sisters, astronaut Mae Williams, artist Frida Kahlo and Queen Elizabeth I. Each story explains the women’s inspiring achievements in a way that even the youngest of listeners could understand, and is accompanied by beautiful artwork created by a roster of well known international artists and illustrators.

The makers of this book say they hope it will inspire young girls to explore, learn and dream without limits so we’d say this is a must have for anyone with a daughter, or son for that matter, because boys need to know about inspiring women too. Order your copy here kickstarter.com

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By , 4th February 2021
My third book - the last of three connected, stand-alone novels - is now available for pre-order