Making a nature mobile is a great way to make the most of a Winter’s morning, with an explore outdoors followed by a fun craft activity when you get home. So grab your boots and head out into the wilderness (or local park if that is a little nearer and easier) because the first step is to collect your materials…

What you will need
An assortment of leaves
Two sticks similar in size
Clear school glue

To decorate your leaves, paint with glue then sprinkle with glitter and leave to dry.
Tie the two sticks into a cross using your twine, making sure there is some leftover to hang your mobile.
Tie a length of twine to the stem of your leaves and secure with a knot.
Attach your leaves to the sticks – you may wish to vary the lengths of twine.
Continue adding leaves one at a time, tying them onto the sticks so it balances and hangs horizontally.

You can put your own stamp on your nature mobiles by adding whatever else you discover on your excursion (feathers, pinecones, etc). Once you’ve made your mobiles we’d love to see some pictures. Upload photos of your finished mobile – along with snaps of you gathering materials in the great outdoors – to Motherland and Muddle Puddles UK with the hashtag #muddylife. Come and join the muddy movement!

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