‘Madeline’ by Ludwig Bemelmans (with added scribbles)
“In London Pepito just picked at his dinner, Soon he grew thin and then he grew thinner…” So begins this classic instalment in the adventures of Madeline, the French schoolgirl who is the subject of Ludwig Bemelmans’ delightful series from the 1960s. Follow the team as they travel to London, where the Spanish Ambassador’s son is having rather a rough time of it…

‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen
It is rare to find a kids book that is both beautifully illustrated and genuinely funny, which makes ‘I Want My Hat Back’ – the cautionary tale of a bear who makes it his mission to find his stolen hat – all the more enchanting. Like all great books it also has a strong moral point (that is: steal hats and prepare to be eaten).

‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes
Despite the dubious title, the story of Dave and his beloved toy Dogger is one kids have returned to fondly again and again, for nearly 30 years. Written and illustrated by the unrivalled Shirley Hughes and evocative of an England of old, this book is warm, gentle and life-affirming.

‘There’s a Sea in my Bedroom’ by Margaret Wild
Written in 1989, ‘There’s A Sea in My Bedroom’ is an Australian classic. With illustrations that will feed your child’s imagination, and a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever found themselves disbelieved.

‘Not Now Bernard’ by David McKee
This is the timeless tale of a boy endlessly trying to attract the attention of his parents. They don’t listen, and the consequences are monstrous. You’ve been warned.

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