Words: Helen Baron

Dana Muskat makes animals. Stuffed albino sea animals, to be precise: marine mammals, molluscs, fish and crustaceans of winsome charm, from aging whales and goggly-eyed octopuses to broad-winged, whip-tailed rays.

If you ever thought that a crab or a lobster couldn’t have much character, think again: these creatures look and feel like nothing else in the (mostly ghastly, let’s be honest) world of plush toys. Handcrafted in the Big Stuffed atelier in Paris, they substitute premium fabrics for cartilage and shell and come in an array of muted cereal shades.

Most importantly, the love and care of their creator shines through in the quality of the finished product, which is fantastically durable as well as delightful to look at. A great way to introduce little ones to some of the world’s most fascinating creatures – and so much more interesting than teddy bears.

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