Dad Talk #8

By , 6th September 2016
Features, Relationships
As our Dad Talk series continues, we hear from father-of-two Ben who talks patience, learning to pick his battles and seeing the world through his son's eyes

Dad Talk #7

By , 29th August 2016
Features, Relationships
Next in our Dad Talk series we hear from father-of-two Ben about the importance of raising balanced children, putting his family first and prioritising fun

Teen Talk #7

By , 13th August 2016
Relationships, Travel
What’s it like to grow up in 2016? For the next in our Teen Talk series we hear from 14-year-old Abril who lives in Barcelona, Spain

Dad Talk #5

By , 19th July 2016
Features, Relationships
Continuing our Dad Talk series, today we hear from father-of-one Craig on feeling like a spare part, and the benefits of working for a forward-thinking company