Qnola founder Danielle Copperman started cooking up batches in her London home - now her cereal has its own bar in Selfridges

A new truly healthy range of granola alternatives – free from gluten, grain and refined sugar to help you ‘wake up well’. Qnola was founded by 22-year-old Dannielle Copperman (22!!) who, fed up with the lack of healthy and fast breakfast options on the market, started cooking up her own gluten-free granola in her own kitchen. The result was Qnola, which is made with quinoa, coconut, raw nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil and which now has its own counter in Selfridges.

High in protein and vital vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids – with additional ingredients including goji berries and beetroot powder – it gives your body what it really needs in order to function well throughout the day. And it doesn’t leave you bloated… or, more importantly, starving by 10am.

What they say
“Aimed at nourishing and energising, first thing in the morning, Qnola can aid digestion, reduce inflammation, stunt hunger cravings, elevate energy levels and contribute to healthy skin, hair and nails. Made without artificial ingredients and flavoured only naturally with superfoods from all over the world, Qnola makes an ideal breakfast, snack or dessert topping whilst paying just as much attention to taste as nutrient levels.”

What we say
“A satisfyingly delicious texture, packed with extras including toasted almonds, it is tasty as well as virtuous. Better still, we managed to crow-bar it into our kids’ breakfast cereal – discreetly packing them full of protein goodness, without them every having to know…


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