Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too), by Keith Negley
A brilliantly-illustrated hardback children’s book with a bold, comic book feel, Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too) explores emotions through the prism of wrestlers, astronauts, and superheroes: these characters might be tough, but have feelings too… A lovely springboard for discussions with children about the way they feel.

Pom Pom Gets the Grumps by Sophy Henn
Pom Pom wakes up on the wrong side of bed one morning, and from there on it’s all downhill. But after insulting his classmates and spreading his generally miserable vibes, Pom Pom realises the error of his ways…

It Might Be An Apple by Shinsuke Yoshitake
The third book by Japanese author Shinsuke Yoshitake, this is a treat for adults and children alike, inspiring critical thinking and a full-on belly laugh… An apple has arrived in the kitchen but what if it’s actually a teeny weeny planet that has landed on earth? Maybe it has feelings? Or is it a house that can be eaten? No – what if it’s a tiny alien! A must for every home.

Wild and Tame Animals by Dahlov Ipcar
The reproduction of a 1960s picture book by illustrator/author Dahlov Ipcar, who has lived on a small dairy farm in Maine since 1937, Wild and Tame Animals is a wonderfully-considered journey of discovery charting how humans trained feral and fierce creatures, producing the tame animals we know today.

The New Baby Activity Book by LIe Dirkx
The perfect introduction for soon-to-be big brothers and sisters, The New Baby Activity Book is an engaging, creative and very sweet way of helping prospective siblings get their heads around the new arrival… With activities ranging from crafting your own family tree to packing mummy’s hospital bag.

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