Images: Barney Beech
Words: Annie Ridout

You will need
Scissors, floristry tape, lightweight malleable wire (we use aluminium) and a selection of flowers (the hardier the stems, the longer they’ll last). Roses, carnations, freesias and spray roses are all good to use.

Step 1
Cut the aluminium wire to a length that is slightly longer than your head’s diameter. Cover the whole wire in floristry tape to give a neater finish. The trick is to stretch the tape diagonally and wrap it around the wire, squeezing as you go so that the tape sticks to itself. At this point, keep the wire straight.

Step 2
Now take your first flower and cut the stem so that there is about 5cm left below the flower head. Using the floristry tape, bind the stem of the flower onto the wire.

Step 3
Keep adding flowers in the same direction so that all the stems face the same way, and the next flower sits neatly on its predecessor’s stem. Tightly packing the flowers helps to prevent them from wilting. When you are happy with your headdress, wrap it around your head making a circlet and twist the ends together securely.

Extra tips
Make your headdress as close to the occasion as possible. These are wonderful but short-lived, one-night-only creations! For something longer lasting, try making your headdress with fake flowers.

The Flower Appreciation Society: An A to Z of All Things Floral by Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey is published by Sphere; £20

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