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How I Make it Work #11

By , 11th November 2015
Mum-of-two and founder of Amelia's Magazine, Amelia Gregory on the art of running a business while raising kids single-handed, tandem feeding, and crowdfunding for her new colouring book

The New Mumtrepreneurs #3

By , 30th September 2015
"You have to be realistic about what is possible – I can’t do everything I did before and run a business on top..." Steph Douglas on leaving her job to start Don’t Buy Her Flowers, offering alternatives gifts for new mums

The New Mumtrepreneurs #2

By , 26th September 2015
After working as a handbag designer in London, Kim Golding moved to Berlin to get pregnant, then came home – and set up Mini Magpie, making and selling upcycled children’s clothes

The New Mumtrepreneurs #1

By , 24th September 2015
In a new series, we speak to women who have changed their careers after having a baby. First up, Hannah Saunders, who left the "toxic" life of a long-serving civil servant – to put on family raves

My Expat Life #12

By , 20th September 2015
Nin Castle, mother-of-one and founder of award-winning sustainable fashion company Good One, on relocating from London to San Sebastián for love

When I Was Happiest #5

By , 25th August 2015
Health, Regulars
For the last in our series speaking to women about the most contented moments in their lives, 90-year-old Ellen talks growing up one of 15 children, life as a housekeeper on Harley Street, and summers in Cannes

When I Was Happiest #4

By , 21st August 2015
Health, Regulars, Relationships
"With ageing, everyone talks about the bad things – about your tits dropping – but there are things that definitely compensate for getting older..." 70-year-old Jo regales the freedom of growing old and throwing perfection to the wind

When I Was Happiest #3

By , 20th August 2015
"Being in your 40s feels like nearing the last rung on the ladder before being declared officially old..." 46-year-old Jane on the pressures of nearing middle age, tequila, and living a life without regret

When I Was Happiest #2

By , 16th August 2015
In the second part of our series speaking to women of all ages about the most poignant moments in their lives, 32-year-old Lauren reflects on a faster world, settling down and the pressure of social expectations