Louise, 27, Video Effects Coordinator

I’m 27 years and eight months old and feel pretty good about where I am now. Age is important to me in terms of work success – I sometimes read the Wikipedia pages of the people I admire and check what they were doing at this stage…

Recently I’ve been feeling even more myself and I feel a particular personal mission. This has taken the form of exhibitionism, specifically being topless or completely stripping. For me being naked represents self-acceptance. Last summer I spent a week in the South of France with a great group of friends. Each morning I cycled to the boulangerie and upon returning, rolled down my swimming costume to my waist and practiced my back flip into the pool.

I hope the future is greater than the past. I want to write and direct a feature film that includes a message of social change. Feminism is particularly important to me. And I want to ditch the emotional baggage I’ve been holding on to from my past relationship. I want to fall in love again. I want to have children.

Last summer I spent a week in the South of France. Each morning I cycled to the boulangerie and, upon returning, rolled down my swimming costume to my waist and practiced my back flip into the pool

My mother has been the most influential person in my life: from screaming physical fights, hideous jealousy and envy to the most unconditional, fun and supportive love – the sheer variety of exchanges in our relationship is dazzling.

And my younger self – I think she was too cynical to be reassured by the promise that it will get better, but I think reminding her that she is loveable and worthy of love would go down pretty well.

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