Tantrums & Tinder #4

By , 13th November 2015
Regulars, Relationships, Sex
"He was charming, clever, funny, ambitious and easy on the eyes. Conversation flowed easily, he made me laugh... and then he mentioned his wife." Another near miss for our newly-single mum Sue Denim

Tantrums & Tinder: The Love Life of a Newly-Single Mum #1

By , 5th October 2015
Regulars, Relationships, Sex
"There are no rules. It's like Fight Club meets Mad Max out here..." Sue Denim* had the perfect life: husband, lovely house, gorgeous daughter... When her relationship fell apart her world came tumbling down – and then she started dating again. In a new weekly column, she documents the highs, lows and sexual indiscretions of this brave new world