Millie, aged 3 and three quarters

Being a girl is… It feels like I’m a girl who loves cuddles. And I feel like I’m going to have lots of cuddles. Girls are stronger than boys. Boys are not stronger than girls. I know this because I can lift up a heavy chair and Sam and Igor (friends from nursery) can’t. Also girls have long hair and long eyelashes. Boys don’t have eyelashes.

The positives are… That girls can run even faster than boys. And also girls can even scoot and bicycle faster than boys.

The boundaries are… Well boys read dinosaur books and love dinosaurs and playing with dinosaurs but girls do not. The reason is, dinosaurs are too scary for them.

My ambitions are… To have a teddy bear, a big teddy bear. And I dream of having a big polar bear. And a big lump of cheese.

My hopes for the future are… To go to different countries around the world, England, France and America. I also wish for a bunch of flowers like these (she points to the mother’s day flowers she gave to her mum).

My fears… I am scared of dinosaurs, they might eat me up.

I look up to… Merida from Brave. She is a princess, a woman, and she’s very good at fighting.

Girls are… Fantastic, good at catching tadpoles, good at running, playful, kind.

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