I live in… Bangkok, Thailand, with my parents. I’ve just graduated from an international school after 16 years. Bangkok is a bustling city that never sleeps, the New York of South East Asia essentially, so there’s never a dull moment growing up here. There’s so much to do, so much to see, and so much going. What I have loved most about growing up here is the diverse group of people I was met at my international school, as well as the easy, laid-back attitude of people in Bangkok in general. Growing up in Bangkok is crazy, it’s wild, and full of good times, but I’m sure the same could be said about growing up in other countries.

Being a teenager is… It’s like living in a little bubble, surrounded by your family, friends and your high school life. Your priorities are basically working out what makes you happy, and you also feel like you can conquer the world. Being a teenager can sometimes be frustrating though, especially when you speak to adults that are condescending and won’t listen to your ideas or return mutual respect just because of your age. But other than that, being a teenager is awesome.

Issues facing teenagers today are… One very big problem facing teenagers is peer pressure. At a time when you are just looking to fit in with your crowd it’s easy to do things you wouldn’t normally do, or approve of, just to feel like you are part of a group. It isn’t always easy to break away from this.

My ambitions are… To be successful and happy. 

Things or experiences? Experiences, because they teach you everything necessary to be a good person, and they stay with you forever.

My concerns for the future are… Not being able to repay my parents for all they’ve given me. Also I worry about my academic career and my future. Having just graduated, and being on the brink of entering the ‘real’ world, I worry about not knowing what I’m going to do, and whether I am going to be happy and successful in the future.

When I’m not at school… My friends and I love to go out to eat brunch at different cafés and restaurants. We also go round to each other’s houses to kick back and watch TV, or nap. When night time comes we go out and party at local pubs and clubs.

Is the future bright? I’m really not sure what the future holds but I feel like life will be what I make of it. I’m excited to get out there.

For guidance I turn to… My friends, mostly. I also know that my parents are always there for support if I ever need it.

Friends are… Massively important to me. I love them with all my heart.

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