This is the playlist I made for my son, Fionn. He is four years old and when he was born I promised myself never to listen to baby records in the car so I spent time and made him a playlist of songs that would suit his age. The first time he reacted to a piece of music on the radio was when he was half a sleep in the car and the beginning bass line of Nancy Sinatra´s ´These Boots Are Made for Walking´ started. He literally tried to get out of his car seat. I bought the record and it was played and danced to forever. He knows this mix tape by heart now and so another one is being made this minute.

Fionn’s Party Playlist

Wouldn´t It Be Nice, The Beach Boys
Strawberry Fields, The Beatles
These Boots are Made for Walking, Nancy Sinatra
Yummy Yummy Yummy, Ohio Express
Octopus´s Garden, The Beatles
Coconut, Harry Nilson
I´m sticking with you, The Velvet Underground
Cripple Creek Ferry, Neil Young
Hey Mama Wolf, Devendra Banhart
Blackbird, The Beatles
Smoothie, Kimya Dawson
Kids Don´t Care, Simple Kid
Little Green Bag, George Baker
Tire Swing, Kimya Dawson
Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles

The three inheritance tracks I would pass down to Fionn would be:

Beth Gibbons and the Rustin man, Mysteries

Purely because it is a song I wish I would have written and I have never tired of it.

Birds, by myself as Fionn owns that song and I have never got tired of singing it. It lifts me up.

My favourite song at the moment – and I listen to it at least a hundred times a day to it in the car – 

The Oh Sees, No Spell. I am just obsessed with it. We love it. 


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