Cos Rain Cape
This see-through speckled rain cape from Cos is perfect for the budding fashionista. Along with the cape being very cute, it is practical too (!) with a chunky zip, water resistant material, a detachable hood and pop buttons on each side for a closer fit.

£39 from

GOSOAKY Elephant Man Unisex Jacket
“Stylish rainwear for rain loving kids” is the philosophy of the brilliant Dutch rainwear brand GOSOAKY. Fusing time-tested weather protection with impeccable Dutch design, GOSOAKY are making some of the best kids raincoats out there. This stripy jacket is our favourite, and they do a pair of very cute trousers to match.

£49.50 from

Hatley Yellow Lightning Bolt Rain Jacket
This jazzy little number from Hatley is sure to bring fun to even the wettest, gloomiest, autumn day. There is a fleece lining for insulation and it is machine washable, just in case the proud owner takes puddle splashing that little bit too far.

£32 from

Mini Rodini Edelweiss Penguin Jacket
A returning Mini Rodini classic, this very cute penguin jacket speaks for itself. The shell coating is breathable, waterproof, and lightweight so that it keeps the rain out, and it can easily go over a fleece or a puffer when it gets colder.

£76 from

Polarn O Pyret Kids Shell Jacket
You won’t loose sight of your kid in this colourful jacket from Polarn O. Pyret (or PoP), the Swedish kings of practical and stylish kidswear. It’s made from durable, waterproof material, with a breathable lining inside and reflectors on the outside for all round comfort and visibility.

£52 from

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