Eating for Sleep

By , 21st January 2016
Eat, Features, Health
The link between diet and good sleep is greater than you might think. Nutritionist Annabel Karmel on feeding your child with the right combination of food to help aid a proper night's rest

How to Change Your Life

By , 29th October 2015
Features, Health
Having children can prompt you to reassess what you want from your own life, says life coach and mentor Liz Copeland. Here's how to make the right choice – and then make it happen

My Natural Cesarean

By , 29th September 2015
Birth, Features, Health
A new study by a leading London hospital hopes to introduce the option of a 'skin-to-skin' cesarean within the NHS... But what is a 'natural' c-section and what will it mean for the women and babies involved? Charlotte Philby – the official guinea pig – went under the knife to find out

When I Was Happiest #5

By , 25th August 2015
Health, Regulars
For the last in our series speaking to women about the most contented moments in their lives, 90-year-old Ellen talks growing up one of 15 children, life as a housekeeper on Harley Street, and summers in Cannes

When I Was Happiest #4

By , 21st August 2015
Health, Regulars, Relationships
"With ageing, everyone talks about the bad things – about your tits dropping – but there are things that definitely compensate for getting older..." 70-year-old Jo regales the freedom of growing old and throwing perfection to the wind

When I Was Happiest #1

By , 14th August 2015
Health, Regulars
In a new series, we ask women in their twenties through to their nineties to recall their most content moments. Starting with 27-year-old Louise, who talks nudity, self-acceptance and the future vs the past