Labelled as ‘a smart magazine for women’, Riposte was launched in 2013 by editor Danielle Pender and creative director Shaz Madani as an alternative to mainstream celebrity and fashion-focused women’s magazines. Each issue follows the format of five ideas, four interviews, three features, two essays and one icon. With this format it covers a wide, lively and brilliant range of subjects including art, politics, business, culture and travel. Beautifully put together, it is a bold celebration of intelligent women and their achievements, with profiles and contributions are ambitious and honest.

The Gourmand
Much more than a food magazine, The Gourmand is a mouthwateringly designed cultural and artistic exploration into the world of food and cooking. Created by David Lane and Marina Tweed, the award-winning mag features a wide range of interviews and cultural features, interspersed with meticulously shot food photography and essays, from brilliant writers and creatives. Plus well-known characters including Neneh Cherry and David Shrigley, alongside famous foodies, discussing their favourite eats and recipes.

The Kindling Quarterly
A delightful Brooklyn-based publication which aims to create “a thoughtful dialogue’ about contemporary fatherhood, missing from today’s cultural landscape. The Kindling Quarterly is published by editor David Michael Perez and creative director August Heffner as an answer to the lack of publications out there that resonated with their own experiences of being dads – that is as “thoughtful caregivers… building their life around their children”. It aims to assess and celebrate the changing and positive perspectives on fatherhood. All the subjects of the magazine are from and about fathers but it also covers a range of issues and topics within this concept, including art, creativity and community.

The Gentlewoman
‘A fabulous magazine for women of style and purpose’, The Gentlewoman was launched in 2010 as a bi-annual sister publication to Gert Jonkers’ and Jop van Bennekom’s cult favourite Fantastic Man. Overseen by former academic and fashion authority Penny Martin, the magazine offers a refreshing, witty and smart perspective on women and fashion that focuses on “the way women actually look, think and dress” – featuring in-depth and honest interviews with women ranging from Angela Lansbury to Bjork, alongside personal style and runway fashion features, beautiful photographs and smart design.

The leaders in stripped back, thoughtful design, this Portland based quarterly was founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Nathan Williams and Katie Sear-Williams, who describe Kinfolk as a “slow lifestyle” magazine which explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with their friends and family. The magazine covers the subjects of home, work, food and community through stunning photo essays, profiles, recipes and practical tips.

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