Mother and Cinqpoints founder Laurence Calafat left a career in architecture to create modular, minimalist wooden games and paper products rooted in the principles of modern design and structural engineering.

Cinqpoints toys are equally at home on a designer’s desk or the playroom floor. There’s the Archistory puzzle, which when assembled reveals the history of modern architecture from 1900 to 2010. And the Tower of Babel game, a kind of minimalist Jenga! which doubles up as versatile building blocks.

Best of all, there’s Home, a 3D jigsaw in which clever, furniture-shaped pieces combine to form a neat block house. Kids can even use chalk to illustrate the black outer surfaces of the blocks, thereby depicting what’s going on inside their mini masterpiece. And when your little ones are ready to move to the next stage in their architectural education? Cinqpoints’ cool archimetric pads are the perfect place to see big ideas unfold.

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